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JOÃO CARLOS MARTINS CONSULTING is a Business, Administrative/Financial and Accounting Legal Consultancy company, as well as intermediating business in Brazil and abroad.

We provide consultancy for national and foreign companies that contribute capital to Brazil; in order to provide accounting, administrative, financial support and legal advice.

We carry out a corporate and financial investigation of companies, aiming to bring security to the investor in the capital contribution. We provide international advice to foreign companies that wish to finance business in Brazil.


Areas of Expertise

We provide marketing advisory services, accounting advisory, tax advisory, legal advice, administrative and financial advisory.


Accountant - CRC/DF: 66841, Business Administrator - CRA/DF: 2030059, and Lawyer - OAB/DF: 66184, with extensive experience of over 25 years.


JOÃO CARLOS MARTINS CONSULTORIA & GESTÃO DE INVESTIMENTOS LTDA, CNPJ: 48.730.885/0001-00, invests financially in the strengthening of small and medium enterprises according to the following legal determinations: Complementary Law No. 155 of 2016, and Complementary Law No. 182 of 2021.

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Service Location Distrito Federal / Brasília:

Unidade Lago Sul / Jardim Botânico:

SH- Estrada do Sol - Belvedere Green
Conjunto 15 - Lote 17 - Cep: 71680-380
(61) 99640-5560

Unidade Plano Piloto:

Setor Bancário Norte - Quadra 1 - Bloco F - 17ª Ed. Palácio da Agricultura - Cep: 70040-908
(61) 98116-8989

Unidade Ceilândia / Taguatinga:

QNN 17, Conjunto C, Casa 50 - Cep: 72225-173
(61) 99238-9781

Service Location São Paulo / SP:

Rua Silva Pinto, nº 253, 7º andar
Bairro Bom Retiro São Paulo/SP
Phone: (11) 3337-8192
Cell Phone: (11) 93095-5413
Site: sakadvogados.com.br

Service Location Belo Horizonte / MG:

Av. Prudente de Moraes, 287, Sala 1307
CEP: 30.350-093 Bairro: Cidade Jardim
Belo Horizonte/MG
Phone: (31) 2526-3897
Cell Phone: (31) 99705-0720
E-mail: fusaoadvocacia@hotmail.com